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Wild, Happy & Rich is an online community for entrepreneurs that know what’s possible when you co-create with the universe and learn to play with the Law of Attraction. It’s the place they go to get re-energized, clear their blocks, and get the inspiration and confidence they need to manifest the life they were born to live.


The regular price is $97/mth.  


But TODAY you can join and try your first month for ONLY $1 and pay our Special Founding Member Price of ONLY $67 a month after!!!



Does this sound like you? 

  • You do what the GURUs are telling you to do to get clients, but still there are no line-ups of clients outside your door.


  • Even though your head is buzzing with ideas about how to get clients, you’re finding it harder and harder to take action. Because you can’t take another disappointment.


  • It’s making you feel defeated. There’s nothing worse than not knowing  how to make and keep more every month. 



I know how frustrating this is. 

I knew when I started my business that getting clients wouldn't be easy, but I never expected it to be that hard.


Spending 12 hours a day on social media "helping" people hoping to get clients zapped my energy. When I wasn't doing that I was scheming up new ways to make money, creating loads of FREE content, and doing mindset work.    

The more I gave, the less I got, and the more frustrated I became.


Sure I got clients here and there, but it was never enough. I was giving a lot more than I was receiving, and one day ... 


I had enough. I broke down in tears, and I started yelling at God ...  


“I didn't sign up for this. I don’t care how you do it, I demand $500 today. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it. ”

Not my finest moment, but boy did I feel better. 

Anyways, an idea popped into my head 30 minutes later. 
Full disclosure -  I'd already had that idea, but I'd discounted it because I couldn't see "how" it would get me to five-figure months. But on that day, I followed through because I had yelled at God. 

So I wrote a crappy sales page, put up one post... 


... and made $600 that day.


Not only did I sell out the offer, I made $12K in 3 weeks with zero hustle. 

Magic happens when you truly get in alignment with your desire and let the universe guide you.


If you're not making the money you want every month, it's because you've got limiting beliefs keeping you out of alignment. 


There's something you're thinking that's creating massive resistance.

Maybe you're overly focused on the fear of failure, or maybe you're creating "safe" offers that you don't really like. 


Or perhaps you've lost faith that it's possible to really be successful.


Resistance stops you from seeing the opportunities that are all around you and from taking advantage of them. 

The only way to get the results you want is to clear your limiting beliefs and get in alignment with your desire. 



Take a moment and imagine ... 


  • What if you could up your confidence, trust yourself to take action and start attracting a lot more clients every month?


  • What if your marketing efforts suddenly started to work without you having to  spend months getting "it" just right? 


  • What if you had extra money to go on an Amazon shopping spree and pay down your credit cards?


Feels pretty good, right?


Introducing Wild, Happy & Rich ...


It's a new membership community where entrepreneurs go to experience the magic of alignment. 


They get re-energized, clear their blocks, and get the inspiration and confidence they need to create a LIFE & Business that lights them up. 


There’s no need to sacrifice. 


When you join, you will ... 

  • Eliminate the self-doubt that keeps you stuck in analysis paralysis and focus on taking consistent, imperfect action that lights you up.


  • Uncover limiting beliefs that hold you back and replace them with new empowering beliefs so you finally attract a lot more clients every month. 


  • Receive daily intuitive guidance via our WhatsApp group about what to do next so you don't get stuck in confusion, frustration and overwhelm.


  • Release the desperation energy that repels clients and rediscover the joy of playing with your clients, serving them for no other reason than that you love what you do.


  • Stop “waiting” for the “right” time to start living again, and start living more now.


It's about getting you on YOUR path to your best month ever in your biz in a way that is fun, easy, and playful.    

The secret is alignment. It's the missing piece to success. 



What's it like working with Nathalie? 


I was holding back I was afraid of asking for the money. What would people think?  Nathalie helped me realize that my truth, my story, and my skills are needed in the world. Once I realized that I all I need to be is me, it got easy. I'm doing FB lives, I'm charging for my services and I'm showing up in a very public and confident way!

Sonia Jane Achason

Healer, Coach

I was on the brink of depression when I jumped on a call with Nathalie. Everything changed. I started my business the next day and within 2 months I had a full caseload. I’m a true believer in Nathalie’s work.







Since my two sessions with Nathalie, money keeps finding me. I’ve found the money to pay for: a trip, an “expensive” continuing education course, pay off my student loans, and move to a new apartment where I can set up a professional home office. Best of all, that sick to my stomach feeling is long gone! 



Music Therapist

“This is truly core level, visceral work. But don’t be afraid, the work is necessary and the healer is gentle.“ -Rachel.










Nathalie’s Vibration Tune Up was EXACTLY what I needed when I  started to go into a slump. I had been high vibe for several months and began feeling a little tug downwards.I was nodding ‘yes’ the entire time. Her warm and caring spirit shines through and makes you feel supported and loved. I love all her tips and wisdom and will be going back for more when I need a little pick me up. 

Jenn Scalia


Nathalie has an uncanny gift in helping you unlock the things in you that stop you from manifesting the money you want. During her Manifest Unexpected Cash Challenge, I manifested a total of $495! Because she kept my head and my heart on the playing field with her videos.





Copy Writer

Here's how it works ... 

  • You’ll start by getting clear on what you want your dream LIFE to be like.


  • Once you are clear, and you have your goals, you’ll be able to use the Amplify & Attract course  to get in alignment and tap into your inner wisdom so you can take action with confidence.   


  • You’ll be able to join me live for a minimum of three Wild, Happy & Rich calls a month where you’ll raise your vibe, learn how to manifest, and tap into inspired action. We start with a group experience followed by a hot seat intuitive coaching & energy clearing. (think Abraham-Hicks style). 


  • You’ll get access to the Telegram group where I will channel a message from spirit every week day to help propel your life & business forward.   


  • You’ll also get access to a private, members-only Facebook group where you’ll be networking, sharing your wins, getting inspired and making brand new friends! 


Regular price is $97/mth.

But TODAY you can join and try your first month for ONLY $1. 

And pay our Special Founding Member Price of ONLY $67 a month after!!! 


"Will this work for me?"


I'm a pretty good psychic, but even I do't know how many clients you're going toget and how much money you're going to make.There's just too many variables.



What I do know is that, regardless of your goals or how far you’ve come in your business, your goal is within your reach.




It could come quickly or it could come slowly. The only way that it will come at all is if you get into alignment before you take action. 




That’s what will move the needle and why you need to join Wild, Happy & Rich . 



If you’re still not sure if this whole “energy clearing” thing is for you, check in with your heart for guidance. Remember you can get started for just $1. It's truly a no-brainer. 

If you don't feel it's the right time, that's totally cool. 

But if there's any part of you that feels like this is for you, stop overthinking and get your bum off the fence. Join us in Wild, Happy & Rich. ;)  


I can't wait for you to have that moment ... 


A moment where you realize that attracting your ideal clients and oodles of money is actually easy.


Maybe it will happen during a sales conversation, or while you’re working with one of your new clients. Perhaps when you see the $$$ signs appearing in your PayPal account.


And you’ll know deep within your soul that everything you want is possible and that the universe has your back.


Yeah, that's what’s possible when you grab a Clear your Money Blocks Session.  That ... and a whole lot more!


Come on. Let’s make it happen.

About Nathalie Guerin

I’m a healer and spiritual empowerment coach. After working with thousands of clients over the last ten years  and having my own ups and downs with the Law of Attraction, I can tell you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to manifesting.

Wild, Happy & Rich is the place for those want to create a successful business while loving the journey. You will stress less, make more and live now. 


Whether you're just starting out in your biz, or you've been at this for years and can't figure out why you're not further ahead, I’ve got your back.   I can’t wait to see you inside.